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De-Oiled Rice Bran

De oiled rice bran specification

De-Oiled rice bran is extracted from the the solvent plants after removing oil from the Rice Bran oil Cake .DORB (De-oiled rice Bran) is an important ingredient for cattle, poultry and pig feeds. DORB acts as filling in the compounded cattle feed.It is an cheap and healthy ingredient for the compounded cattle feed as  It is low in fiber as well as easily digestibility.Our Khanna side Belt is known for the best quality DORB in whole INDIA as we produce DORB free from Visible fibre as our side product are made from Raw Rice bran instead of the Parboiled Rice bran.

Our DORB is white compared to Haryana quality as well as free from excess sand/silica.

We are in the brokerage business from more than 28 years thus we are pretty experienced in this fied. We deal directly with the solvent plants thus no trader/intermediary is involved.Thus assuring you will get the best price according to market.

We deal with plants that have huge production quantities thus assuring adequate supplies.We are the most reputed broker in our Region for the DORB our Firm's name is equal to the Honesty.

We deal in Both form pellet i.e. from Batch plant as well as pellet plus powder i.e. Continuous plant.

  • Khanna (Punjab) side Belt is known for the best quality DORB in whole INDIA.

  • Whitish color DORB as compared to Post card Color.

  • Large quantities Available.

  • Less fiber available (Poultry Quality).

  • We deal only on brokerage basis,NO TRADING INVOLVED.


  • Least SAND/SILICA.

  • Pellet (White/Red) & Pellet plus Powder.