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Cotton Seed Cake/Khal

Binola Khal

(Press Cake)

Oil Cakes,Press Cakes are the remaining solids/residues after cold press of the oil bearing seeds.They are mainly used as animal feed but also ca be used as natural fertilizers.

They are Excellent source of Fats and Proteins in a Animal.

With the assistance of the most competent professionals and latest technology, we are able to manufacture and trade high quality Cottonseed Cake. It is a high protein by-product, which is formulated from extraction of oil from whole cottonseed. 

Specification Grade 1:-

  • Protein: 24-25% Min

  • Moisture: 10% max

  • Sand silica: 2% max

  • Oil: 7-8% min

  • Fiber: 24% min

Specification Grade 2 Decotticated:-

  • Protein: 31% min

  • Moisture: 10% max

  • Sand silica: 2% max

  • Oil: 8% min

  • Fiber:- 14-15% max


  • Purity

  • Best taste

  • Effective usage

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