We are in the brokerage business since  1982.We are Cashier,All Punjab Broker Association. We are in the market from the birth of cattle feed market in Asia's largest grain market-Khanna. We deal with all the big groups that are well settled in the business of D.R.B and rice bran oil as well as cattle  feed and poultry feed  factories. We engage with ethical practices only thus you can assure that there is no trading involved.WE DEAL IN BROKERAGE ONLY NO TRADING. There will be bill to bill payment only.


Our main focus is on De-oiled Rice bran and Yellow Maize which are used as filler in the prepared cattle feed.We deal all over India. We also focus on various type of Oil cakes,Chilkas,Churis as well as oil seed. As Khanna is an industrial hub there is adequate transport available here.We deal with D.R.B plants which have combined RICE BRAN processing capacity of more than 10000 TPD!!! So that is huge.  

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